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  • Prenex normal form — A formula of the predicate calculus is in prenex[1] normal form if it is written as a string of quantifiers followed by a quantifier free part (referred to as the matrix). Every formula in classical logic is equivalent to a formula in prenex… …   Wikipedia

  • prenex normal form — A well formed formula of the predicate calculus is in prenex normal form if all the quantifiers stand at the front, and any other logical constant stands within the scope of all the quantifiers …   Philosophy dictionary

  • prenex normal form — ˈprēˌneks noun Etymology: Late Latin praenexus tied up or bound in front, from Latin prae pre + nexus, past participle of nectere to tie, bind more at annex : a normal form of an expression in the functional calculus in which all the quantifiers… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Normal form — may refer to: Normal form (abstract rewriting) Normal form (databases) Normal form (game theory) Normal form (mathematics) In formal language theory: Beta normal form Chomsky normal form Greibach normal form Kuroda normal form Normal form… …   Wikipedia

  • Skolem normal form — A formula of first order logic is in Skolem normal form (named after Thoralf Skolem) if it is in conjunctive prenex normal form with only universal first order quantifiers. Every first order formula can be converted into Skolem normal form while… …   Wikipedia

  • Skolem normal form — A formula is in Skolem normal form if it is in prenex normal form, and all the existential quantifiers come first. There is an effective procedure producing, for any formula, one in Skolem normal form that is valid if and only if the original is… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • True quantified Boolean formula — The language TQBF is a formal language in computer science that contains True Quantified Boolean Formulas. A fully quantified boolean formula is a formula in first order logic where every variable is quantified (or bound), using either… …   Wikipedia

  • metalogic — /met euh loj ik/, n. the logical analysis of the fundamental concepts of logic. [1835 45; META + LOGIC] * * * Study of the syntax and the semantics of formal languages and formal systems. It is related to, but does not include, the formal… …   Universalium

  • First-order logic — is a formal logical system used in mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science. It goes by many names, including: first order predicate calculus, the lower predicate calculus, quantification theory, and predicate logic (a less… …   Wikipedia

  • Rules of passage (logic) — In mathematical logic, the rules of passage govern how quantifiers distribute over the basic logical connectives of first order logic. The rules of passage govern the passage (translation) from any formula of first order logic to the equivalent… …   Wikipedia

  • Canonical form — Generally, in mathematics, a canonical form (often called normal form or standard form) of an object is a standard way of presenting that object. Canonical form can also mean a differential form that is defined in a natural (canonical) way; see… …   Wikipedia

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